• Twine Reflection May 19, 2019
    When creating my twine story, the word that immediately comes to mind is “tedious.” That is not to say it didn’t feel worthwhile (the finished product is actually very satisfying to click through, knowing how much effort was placed into each detail), but it did sometimes feel like microsurgery (as if I have any sort […]
  • Distant Reading Report April 24, 2019
    I chose the fifteen novels written by Charles Dickens as my corpus because A) I’ve always been intrigued by him as a novelist, as he has an interesting history (growing up poor and without a formal education), and B) it was suggested that we choose a writer whose works with whom we aren’t extremely familiar […]

  • Twine May 18, 2019
    I used the story Sarah by Mary Lavin from my Irish Literature class for my twine project. Going into the project several people seemed confused "Twine"
  • Voyant and Yeats: At A Glance April 25, 2019
    This semester I’m taking an Irish Lit course which easily became one of my favorite classes. One of the most popular writers to come out "Voyant and Yeats: At A Glance"