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  1. The World’s Wife: A¬†collection of poetry by Carol Ann Duffy
    • I’m personally interested in her work due to my introduction to her in my GWAR class in which I got to read and analyze all of the poems in the collection, so I feel I know them well and I quite enjoyed reading them.
    • Her piece of work is notable because it features multiple significant figures in either real history, famous literature, greek myth, etc. but Duffy portrays the female perspective in each of these stories, as opposed to the famous and popularized male point of view.
    • There is an existing Wikipedia article for her collection, but it is very brief and does not include any of the critical reception that the collection got or any of the academic interpretations or writings on the collection, which I would like to add.
    • I have already found a few reviews from reliable sources and there are also academic writings on her poems in the SFSU database.
  2. Sharon Street: Philosopher
    • I have read some of Street’s work in philosophy classes and find her writings very interesting and compelling
    • The topic is notable because it adds to the conversation of “morality” and “ethics” and critics the realist stance of morality, which is one of the major philosophical beliefs.
    • Street does already have a Wikipedia article, but the section on her philosophical work is brief and doesn’t give too much detail about what her actual work is about and her stance, I believe a brief summary of her work would be beneficial. I also think a response or basically “those who oppose” her section could be beneficial so one can follow the conversation and see that others have critiqued her as well.
    • Her article “A Darwinian Dilemma” itself is a source that I would like to summarize, it is only mentioned in the bibliography on the Wikipedia article but I think it should be given a bit more attention. There is also multiple academic responses and critiques of her works which can be sourced from.

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